Visiting The Surrounding Areas

The HOTEL CAPITAL in Rovigo, a point of arrival but also of departure for getting acquainted with new places and new landscapes: this is what we want to be for our customers. Given our location in the heart of Veneto, the Hotel Capital stands as an ideal location for visiting Rovigo and its surroundings in peace and quiet, as it also has excellent public transport and road connections. Our premises is close to the major towns and attractions in the region: in a few minutes, you can reach and discover century-old examples of art, nature and culture. The immediate destination is obviously Rovigo, a medieval town that lies between the Po and the Adige, two rivers which have both physically and metaphorically ploughed a furrow in the ground and the history of the area and beyond. Roverella Palace, the Rotunda Temple, the Towers, Villa Badoer, the Museum of the Great Rivers: you’ll be spoiled for choice.

Verona, the city of love par excellence thanks to Romeo and Juliet, but also of culture considering the presence of the Arena and Dante Alighieri for 7 years; it’s about 80km away but travel time is reduced thanks to the connection with the Highway.

Venice, the lagoon city and World Heritage Site with its narrow streets and beautiful architecture, its sunsets and its landscape that make it one of the most romantic places in the world; thanks to easy access to the A13, it’s only about 80km away.

Padua, the city of St. Anthony, protected by water but destroyed in 589 by the Brenta river, was rebuilt and became one of the most important Italian cultural centres; our hotel is about 40 km away.

Ferrara is a medieval city that was one of the undisputed protagonists of the Renaissance; palaces, houses, churches and works of art of all kinds, but also with the space for nature thanks to its gardens, bike paths and a relaxing lifestyle; distance from our hotel: 30 km.

The Regional Park of the Po Delta, Biosphere reserve and UNESCO Heritage site created by the sedimentation of the river and the works of man, given extensive land reclamation; flora and fauna amongst the most spectacular, a place to lose yourself and surrender to the beauty of nature; in 40 km you can easily get there.

The Regional Park of the Euganean Hills, a triumph for those who enjoy walking in the countryside: beautiful hills between volcanic genesis territories and a traditional spa area. The park is about 25 km away.